Dec 212011


Finally had the chance to make the Jonny Craig gingercrack house ornament that I wanted to make at my canceled Pornament Party. Now it truly feels like an Erin Appledale tree. Henry is going to be so thrilled when he comes home.

In other Christmas news, Chooch’s class is singing that fucking Up On the Rooftop song for the school assembly tomorrow, which means that is ALL I HAVE BEEN HEARING FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS, him rehearsing it: in the car, in the bathtub, during hockey games, while he’s pooping. I wish I could set that song on fire. Or at least punch it in the throat. You know, since I can’t morally do those things to my kid.

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  2. I’m coming back to this because I swear to god I commented on this already. I love this so much. That’s all really and oh there are these people in my hood who sell those one blankets from TJ, Mexico that have like Raiders logos on them and other crap like that (did I lose you yet?), well they had some with Hommies on them and I tried taking a pic one day to send it to you but Tyrone forgot to stop so you can thank him for that.

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