Dec 282011

I figured after writing on the Internet since 2001, maybe now would be an OK time to start promoting myself and what better way to do that than with Henry’s unmistakable mug. And there seem to be two distinct and staunch camps: the Blame Henrys, who love to see him fail, preferably while weeners are being drawn on him; and the Poor Henrys, who are all waiting for the day when he rises up, Mortal Combat-style, and starts swinging, at which point I will kill him and then he will become martyred.

I designed these real quick yesterday and then Andrea made them into pins for me because she is the BEST.




I’m going to make some more swag too, probably through Cafe Press, maybe throw some Chooch-related slogans up in there too. (“I can’t like that” and “You’re a douchecup”? Yes, I’m totally trying to capitalize off my 5-year-old AND HE OWES ME.) So if you always wanted an “I’d Rather Be Riding the Wacky Worm” t-shirt of your very own, well, you might have your dreams come true very soon.

  7 Responses to “Henry Buttons for 2012!”

  1. I can’t wait!!

  2. this is fucking hilarious.

  3. These are perfect! I love the pink ones. Great idea Erin.

  4. Absolutely brilliant! I want one of those pins!

  5. I’m in for the Blame Henrys!!

  6. I would wear something that says “I can’t like that”.
    The first time I read that on your blog I laughed my ass off.

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