Dec 302011

The pins have arrived! Chooch and I are squealing like little school bitches! They look so good I can hardly stand it! Thank you, Andrea!

And just to clarify: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Does anyone want one? I was thinking $1.50 for each (to compensate postage & Henry’s grief), + I’ll toss in some extra art cards, etc I have for my Etsy shops. (I feel like such a sellout.) I was going to list them on Etsy but it seems stupid to have to deal with listing fees on such a small product, so perhaps directly through PayPal? My email address on there is Just let me know which one you want!

Chooch buttons coming soon!

(Oh, and speaking of Henry: I have a new interview with him coming later today.)

  4 Responses to “Prick Yourself With Henry’s Face!”

  1. Yesssss!

  2. Can you just bring me one in and I will pay you then?? So excited!

  3. I want one of each!

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