Jan 052012


Highs: Had lunch with my friend Rick today. He threw out some suggestions, but after Square Cafe, he made sure to add that they have Johnny Cakes on the menu. I haven’t had Johnny Cakes since Henry and I stayed at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in 2003, but that’s not why I was so quick to choose Square Cafe.

It’s because of Jonny Craig, ya’ll.


Johnny (Craig) Cakes.

 Yes, I have a problem. But it’s OK. I have a support group. Kinda.

Rick tried to get me to order a side of bacon. I’m pretty certain my vegetarian days are numbered. I succumb so easily to peer pressure. This is going to be like the shaved eyebrow incident of 1995 all over again.

Came home from lunch to find Henry home from work and all lounged out on the couch, Marcy in his lap and watching TeenNick. What a life.

Lows: A bunch of us got our desks moved at work today. I’m clear on the other side of the department now, a side I barely visit. Not surprisingly, I am being a pretty big cry baby about this. The upside is that Barb and Bob got moved over here too, and now I’m close to some of my work buddies, but it’s still extremely disorienting and I HATE CHANGE. Oh, I thought I was going to have a heart attack over it on my way up in the elevator today.


This was my old desk right before I left last night. GOODBYE, OLD FRIEND.


Barb has only been at her new desk for a day, and this is what it looked like before she left. It’s actually much worse, but that’s all I could fit in the frame. So at least there was a modicum of normalcy over here.

This is who sits behind me now.

An upside is that I’m close enough to Carey’s office so that when she opens her door (like right now), I can see everything on her computer screen. The downside is that it’s all work stuff.

AND! I just sneezed THREE TIMES which leads me to believe that I am clearly allergic to this new quadrant. And I think my desk is smaller.

Oh well, at least I still have Jonny and St. Rita. And the comforting din of Carey singing in her office.


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  1. I don’t like change either. Glad they moved you with friends!

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