Feb 152012

While Barb is off work and recovering, I’ve been coming in earlier to help out. Sure, I’ve been whining about it, but that’s because whining is all I know how to do. But the reality is that I’m happy to help out and even happier to have a nicer paycheck.

In fact, when I was in the boss’s office yesterday for my review, I mentioned that I would be interested in coming on full-time if she would ever see that as a possibilty. (Chooch’s tuition is really vampirizing my bank account; hopefully we can get out of the city sometime soon so he doesn’t have to keep going to Jesus Academy.) My boss seemed thrilled at the prospect and said she would see about making that become a reality, but I know that sometimes things around here are slow to be processed. I’ll be patient. (For awhile!)

However, she approached me later and asked if I’d like to do a trial run by coming in even earlier two days a week and I said yes without hesitating even though this is really putting a damper on my lady of leisure lifestyle.

Today, I got here at 1:30, which really threw everyone for a loop.

One of the analysts (Kristen, I think; things seem to have happened so long ago now that I’m here full days!) said, “Oh damn, I thought this meant it was 4:00!” And then we laughed because I always joke that that’s the only reason people are so happy to see me around here, because I signify that the workday is almost over for the people on day shift.

“Now no one here is going to like me anymore!” I joked.

Glenn walked into the conversation right around that point and in his typical Work-Henry droll, he said, “They would have had to have liked you in the first place though.”

OH GOOD ONE, GLENN! Looks like someone’s still smartin’ from the Wacky Worm.

In other work news, I passed out Valentines Monday night after everyone had left, which apparently made some people very happy. I like making people happy, which is probably surprising to some people who think I’m Satanic.

All the nice emails and “thank you”s from people passing by my desk made me realize once again how lucky I am to have a job that I don’t dread going to, like I dread going to the eye doctor or taking Chooch to school. It would be so much better if Barb were here, though.

  5 Responses to “Wednesday Work Convo: A Glenn Zinger”

  1. I wish my former job were like that. I’m happy for you, though. Sounds like a good place to work!

    • Thank you, Braden! I have had some pretty shitty jobs, including one at a company that I took to the EEOC. (And won!) And of course there are things that I complain about at this place, but I do know how lucky I am to be working there.

  2. I see how you are, no wonder we had 40 things in the queue. You were BLOGGING instead of SCANNING. And blaming “Bob.”

  3. I got to the Glenn zinger and got tea on BOTH monitors (its a little slow right now)….

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