Feb 292012

Stumbled across some old photos from my birthday in 2007, where we were fucking around in a cemetery (you know, the usual).

Henry stopped home from work just now to bring me an umbrella and when he saw these photos over my shoulder, he said, “Oh look, back when you and Chooch liked each other.” I laughed, but oh my god it’s so true you guys. We fight like sibs nowadays. (I’d like to note that Henry didn’t even comment on the fact that I have some religious cooking show on in the background. Because ironic viewing of religious programming is just as normal around here as eating cupcakes in a cemetery, I guess.)

I just said out loud, “The summer of 2007 was pretty awesome” but then pieces started rapidly plopping into place and I quickly changed my opinion on that matter.

In other news, I got mostly drunk at NOLA after work last night with Carey and scared the waitress off by shouting about rape. It was a pretty fantastic moment for me. Hopefully someday this week I will write about SOUL SKATE and the ginger bitch who tried to skate-fight me BUT LOST. It has been a crazy week. Crazy-good, but crazy. I need to make my brain stop spinning. I don’t know about you, but I’m about to get my hair all cut-up in TWENTY MINUTES, GOODBYE.

*(Why do I bother trying to be wordless? I mean, really.)

  10 Responses to “2007 Cemetery Loitering: Wordless Wednesday*”

  1. I LOVE THESE PICTURES! You’re so beautiful babes & Chooch is the cutest lil man ever!

  2. SO CUTE! Both of you.

  3. Choock the chunk! What a cutie he was…and still is!

  4. Really love the second photo – what a great smile you have!

  5. It looks like you both had a great time.

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