Sep 022008

I entered one of my photos in an Etsy Challenge. Please vote for me, I have an inferiority complex.

Go here to vote; my photo is the one with the owls. THANKS!

  17 Responses to “Etsy Challenge”

  1. that picture is gorgeous!!!!

  2. I love that picture. Even if I didn’t know it was yours, I love owls!!! My geeky Everquest name was Sisterowl! But it’s even better knowing it’s yours.

    Damn stupid sunset picture!

  3. I voted for you girl :)

  4. You’re winning by one vote, and it’s MINE. I do like it, though. Besides, Kara’s in it!

  5. It’s fabulous, you’re fabulous, so STFU!!

  6. Oh my goodness. I HAD to vote and so far you are winning, which you should. God quotes on pictures should be forbidden under ALL circumstances. As should sunset/sunrise pictures of any kind. Also, owls can do creepy things with their heads and therefore should always be awarded prizes, even in photographic form.

  7. I voted :D
    you’re kicking ass! as you should; it’s the best photo there

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