Mar 142012

Playing Draw Something with Henry is really bringing us together. Except for the fact that his user name is “hatemygirlfriend.”



I’m sure Henry thought to himself, “I’m so glad I’ve listened to Erin blather on and on about scene bands for the last 11 years so that I might one day guess ‘Skrillex’ correctly.” Skrillex will always be Sonny Moore from From First To Last in my heart. RIP FFTL.


Nice school house, Henry. You shoulda put him in a wheelchair!

Draw Something has totally overridden Words With Friends as my lone social activity. Start a game with me!

P.S. Henry evidently fixed the email subscriptions for my blog, so if you suddenly start getting irritating email notifications, just remember: YOU SIGNED UP, DUMMY! But don’t worry, I expect it will stop working within a week, anyway. That’s the way things go on my jerry-rigged blog. I think I am going to have an avocado smoothie today.

  3 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Draw Something”

  1. Bluemephisto

    I feel like my fingers are way too big, or my screen is too small to accurately play this, lol

  2. Uh, you two are cracking me up. I’m going to need to look into this game.

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