Mar 272012


In between playing Draw Something and actually working (I swear*), the subject of Jonny Craig always seems to come up at work.


(*Seriously, I don’t piss around here NEARLY as much as I have at other jobs. I don’t even take a lunch break, that’s how stupidly dedicate I am!)

Today, Lee threatened to tell Henry that I’m going to leave him for Jonny.

“I actually wouldn’t leave him for Jonny, because Jonny won’t do everything for me like Henry does.”

“You’re right, he definitely wouldn’t,” Lee agreed. And then after a pause, he said, “I’m glad you’re smart enough to realize that.”

Then he said Jonny would be too busy hocking my wares for drug money, and then crack-raging on me, but it would be OK because he would probably do it in song.

“Ugh, and he’s a fucking ginger,” Lee said in disgust as he walked past and caught a glimpse of my latest Jonny Craig desktop eye candy.

“I know, that’s the worst part,” I exclaimed. Totally not that he’s a heroin addict.

In other work news, I brought a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Wendy was all, “No jelly? There’s some here in the fridge—” but I quickly cut her off by saying, “No! I brought Cheez-its to put on it later.”

Today is good because I have a good sandwich and I’m feeling good that this place provides so many good distractions. That last sentence is the new writing style for Oh Honestly, Erin.


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