Mar 282012


I was kind of let down by this park in Columbus, because really – the excitement of bush people only extends so far. But surprisingly, Chooch was really infatuated by it and when he saw that there was a house for sale across the street, he wanted to buy it.



I was wildly concerned with the possibility of one of us stepping in dog poop.


There are no pictures of Henry because he was too busy sitting on a bench, chaperoning. And by chaperoning, I mean squinting at his phone with his glasses resting precariously on the tip of his nose.


We stopped here after visiting the Early Television Museum, which I’ll write about later. Putting things in order is so overrated.




Chooch kept wanting to lay down everywhere, which would make me shout, “Hello! Dog shit!”


For not giving a shit about the topiary people, leaving that place was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

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