Apr 222012


“I can’t believe I’m gonna be SIX!”

Boys Table.

Chooch’s roller skating party is tonight! Bill, Jessi and Tammy came in for the weekend from Michigan, so we’ve been having fun times with them, which I will write about tomorrow.

We had breakfast this morning at Eat n Park. There weren’t enough tables so we had to split up between a table and booth. Henry tried to move the table closer but got scolded by the manager for violating the fire code. It was pretty irritating, but the bright side was that it put Henry further away from me.

Too bad today’s Pens game has been on the forefront of my mind the whole time, making me all skittish and nauseated. Why did I eat so much before such a big game? :(

  4 Responses to “Pre-Birthday Party Breakfast”

  1. :(

    At least the party was fun!!! I think Bill makes Chooch think he’s even MORE of a teenager.

  2. I hope he had a great party!!

  3. I loved that we had gender separated tables at breakfast, it’s so rare that the boy/girl ratio is ever close in my world…

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