Apr 252012

Today Chooch is six! He seemed kind of upset about it though and said, “Can you cut off one of my toes so I can be 5 again?”

Whatever that means.

His class went to the symphony for the THIRD time this year today so he asked if he could politely bow out. I figured since it’s his birthday, he shouldn’t have to suffer, so we’re going to Living Treasures animal park instead. I took the day off work and everything – finally earning some mom points!

God, he totally just bitched at me from the backseat to turn down my music because he’s trying to listen to Eisley and My Chemical Romance on “his phone.”

I can’t believe he’s six? I can’t believe he’s ONLY six, really.

This only lasted for 2 minutes, but I can’t remember the last time I was able to meet my “Laughing at Henry’s Expense” quota in JUST TWO MINUTES.

  5 Responses to “I Can’t Believe He’s 6”

  1. happy birthday, chooch!!! i was thinking about that earlier, how sometimes it’s like i have to remind myself that he is ONLY 6, because he fools me into thinking he is 17 most of the time!

  2. If amputating a limb makes you younger then sign me up! Happy Birthday Chooch!

  3. Delia is all upset about turning 5, and wants to stay 4. What the heck is with those kids? I remember I couldn’t wait for my birthday. Being a little kid was for chumps!

    Happy Birthday, Chooch!

  4. Love that kid, happy birthday Chooch!

  5. Happy birthday to Chooch!
    I would need a lot more fingers and toes to win with that fancy logic. Enjoy birthday day!

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