Apr 262012

I haven’t finished editing the photos from Chooch’s birthday party yet (a lot of the shots have Chooch’s school friends in them and I don’t want to get bitched out again for posting them on my heretic blog) so here are the ones from my phone (nice & blurry to cover my ass).













Barb learned her lesson.

Living Treasures Birthday Field Trip





Chooch kept calling the camels “cannibals” and I didn’t correct him.

It was a nice day, nothing much to complain about. The grounds were surprisingly dick-free and we even got to see some animal mating going down, including a particularly horny peacock who was totally embarrassing himself; finally, I have a benchmark when imagining Henry trying to get laid during his SERVICE years.

However, we went to Perkins afterward, where Chooch had a total meltdown over the restaurant’s lack of wifi and kept talking in angry tones about death and how no one would care if he died, themes that he’s way too young to be touching upon, and of course the two ladies seated in the booth next to ours had just come from Bible study and were giving each other concerned raised-eyebrows. Totally awesome. Can’t wait to see what he’s like as a teenager.

  6 Responses to “Chooch’s Birthday in iPhone Photos”

  1. Since Chooch’s birthday is now over and it can now be about me instead of him, can you tell him to play me in DrawSomething? Because him ignoring me is giving me a complex.

  2. The pictures look great!!! I’m just SHOCKED that you have to hide his friends. How ignorant & rude is that towards Mr. Chooch. Looks like you scored mom of the year. Lol! Truly glad it was a great night & Birthday. Hope to see you guys soon. Miss you guys & would love to do breakfast soon or a get together. Let me know if Sunday is open for you guys. ;)

  3. Can I just say how refreshing it is to see that you have so many chunky friends? It makes me feel like I would fit right in.

    Nature Boy went through an “I want to be Goth” phase at 6. Creative types are anything but boring!

  4. Awwe. I missed it! Happy (late) birthday chooch! You’re the most awesomeest kid on the net!

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