Sep 112012

Maybe some of you have been around these parts long enough to remember when I (Henry) used to make pendants featuring miniature versions of my paintings and some of my photographs. We stopped making them because the process was a huge hassle and we would end up losing money on it.


But Henry has since found a method so much simpler, even I can make them, which is what I’ve been doing since Sunday and I’ve only had one freak-out!

I even figured out that if I lay down parchment paper, they won’t get stuck to the table when the resin is drying! I figured that out ALL ON MY OWN!


Almost all of them come with a little storycard and I’m planning on another batch of the larger ones this week with all newer photographs. I won’t be selling these on Etsy again, but probably just right here on my blog as soon as Henry sets up some sort of shopping cart action for me.

$8 for the small ones
$15 for the larger ones
Probably $1.50 shipping within the States.


If you buy one during the upcoming Law Firm Walking Challenge, I can just walk it to your house.


I realize these pictures are incredibly crappy. I’m going to take some with my real camera tomorrow!


  6 Responses to “The Mighty Return of the Pendants”

  1. Great Idea. I would love to buy a few of your pendants. Are you ready to walk to Pleasantville.

  2. You better get some great walking shoes, because walking them to me is going to be quite the ordeal. I guarantee you’ll win though! I do want one, absolutely, so get a cart set up.

  3. *button mashes F5 whilst waiting for a cart to magically appear*

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