Sep 242012

I wanted to get one last mini-shoot in before the Law Firm Walking Challenge started. (Today! But don’t worry – I already racked up 12,000 steps before noon). I’ve had this loose little vision in my head for awhile now to use some of my old Alternative Press magazines in a photo shoot with Chooch, but didn’t really know where I wanted to do it, so we drove around and drove around for a good hour until I saw a closed-up ice cream shop and made Henry pull over.

The Boylan’s is going to spill in 3…2….

Two kids rode past us on bikes just in time to witness me blow up like a bi-polar director.  Henry and I broke up. I orphaned Chooch.

It was a bad scene.

Henry thought he was in the clear after I lost my temper for the 87th time outside of this ice cream in Monongahela and screamed, “THAT’S IT, I’M DONE!” But then my other personality piped up and bellowed, “NO, WE ARE NOT GOING HOME! I’M NOT DONE!” So I made Henry drive back to the first location we were going to use until I got too scared of squatters. At this point, if there WERE any squatters there, they’d have been afraid of ME. Oh, I was horrible yesterday. Yet Chooch is so unfazed by it.

This is the Boylan’s after it’s third upending. Chooch was actually trying to read the magazine and kept getting pissed off at me when I would tell him to stop turning the pages.

Boylan’s puddle to the left.

Then I threw another fit and made Henry put everything back in the car, only to realize that we hadn’t taken any pictures in his second outfit. So doors were kicked up, trunks were slammed, various euphemisms for “vagina” and “person who engages in fellatio” were flung (possibly just by me), but the good news is that Chooch must have liked this outfit better, because he was suddenly very eager to cooperate. So we kept taking pictures while Henry leaned against the car and pouted.

I swear to god, he’s not actually this forlorn. Almost all of these poses were his own idea, and he was running around happily in between shots. I SWEAR.

This wasn’t mid-motion, he was actually posed like this like a weirdo.

He said this was his “don’t even think about following me into my house” pose.

Rough life.

The “I just found gold” pose.

And then we were all bros again after that!

  8 Responses to “The Day the Boylan’s Wouldn’t Stop Spilling”

  1. Dude. 12,000 steps before noon? You’re a rockstar! And I love Chooch’s second outfit and hair. And that butterfly.

  2. Your photos have the richest colors. They’re mesmerizing to look at.

    And Chooch has the best hair. I always get happy when I see him in a faux hawk =)

  3. I love your photos! And the pants…. i want some!

    What kind of camera/lens are you using? Just curious… :)

    • Thanks Sherri!

      Seriously, I got those pants on a whim at freakin’ Goodwill for $6.

      I use a Canon Rebel, mostly with a 50mm and the kit lens. Not very fancy, but it gets the job done!

      • a wonderful job well done! the 50 mm kit lens is a great lens… people tend to overlook it since it’s a “kit” lens… but they are one of the best lenses to have in the arsenal

  4. These are awesome! Chooch is the perfect subject and I love the “simplicity” of your shoots. I hope people realize how you manage to create such great shoots and photos with like… hardly any planning. That is really a talent. I was with you when you got those pants! P.s the 1st outfit remind me of Henry circa 1973

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