Oct 252012


 Warhol Glenn, Honey Glenn Glenn, Glenn Flintstone, Boy Glenn, Lepreglenn, Glenn of Hearts.


 Mozart, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Crooked Cop Glenn!!, I Love Lucy Glenn, Teletubby Glenn, Michael Jackson Glenn, Rambo Glenn.


 Dolly Parton Glenn, Jay Leno Glenn, Little Merglenn, Henry Glenn, The Glenn Formerly Known as Glenn, Monica Lewinski & Bill Clinton Glenn.


 Carrie Glenn, Lone Ranger Glenn, She Ra Glenn, The Glennfather, Jason Voorhees Glenn, Chucky Glenn.



(Big ups to Sandy for procuring this prime piece of Glenn real estate for me!)

Glenn is getting married on Saturday, so today we celebrated his upcoming nuptials at work with cake and champagne. Barb and I devised a way to keep the Glenn Defacement Project going past Halloween without pissing off the bosses. Pretty pleased about that.

  7 Responses to “Thursday Night Glenns”

  1. Monica Lewinski Glenn and Prince Glenn are my favorite of this round.

  2. You are so wickedly clever and talented. You have a fantastic mind!

  3. Okay, Henry Glenn is hilarious! I also really love Teletubby Glenn.

  4. My favorite bit is the sound effects for Jason Voorhees Glenn. A wonderful touch. I’m weird.

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