Oct 272012


Two of my favorite things combined into one: Fisher Price Little People and wheelchairs! I was watching this eBay item like a hawk last weekend (it had 12 bids by the end!) before royally fucking the high bidder at the last minute. I now how to bide my time, suckers.


Look what my homeboy Henry brought home for me the other day! My very own prayer bench! Now I finally have a place to set the housekeys and junk mail. So pleased with this.


Marcy is not pleased with this. She smells too much God on it, I think.

  3 Responses to “New Acquisitions”

  1. WAT. I’ve always wanted a prayer bench in my house.

  2. Oh my hell I love that little wheelchair. And your prayer bench is pretty awesome. I need something like that to organize remotes because we have like 18 of them.

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