Oct 202008

I think I finally have all the film processed and scanned now from last MAY (LAST MAY!!) when Blake and Sarah did that photoshoot with me. I hate that I get so gung-ho over projects and then laziness is so quick to take over. And of course, here I am already in the throes of another one: a legitimate photo essay of scene kids which I need to complete for my own personal fulfillment. Henry actually didn’t laugh when I explained the deets to him. It’s going to be a coffee table book. Just for my coffee table.

Anyhow, this is my favorite from the b&w roll.

Goldbricking Giraffe.

Blake should be digging ditches with the chain gang, but instead he’s goldbricking in the arms of a delightful floral chair. If the warden finds him, he won’t be digging a ditch so much as decomposing in one.

  8 Responses to “film apathy”


    that coffee table book WILL own.

  2. Your photos are amazing. Where do you get these ideas?
    I’m so jealous of your creativity and photography skills.

    I’m completely serious about hiring you for our family photos.


  4. This one is so creepy! The b&w is perfect.

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