Nov 012012

Started stripping my desk of all its creepy carnival splendor today. It looks so bare and professional (well, as professional as a desk wrapped around an Erin Rachelle Kelly can look) and BORING.

A few people came over to get their Glenns and I had to send them away. The Glenn Dispenser is on the floor now, empty of encapsulated Halloween fun-balls. No more Glenns. No more fun.




One of my co-workers called me a wasted talent while admiring the Wall of Glenns. I know, right? If only there was a bigger market for miniature Glenn doodles.

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Barb, happy that her recent back pain has lessened enough for her to be able to stand up straight, exclaimed, “I feel like I’m so much taller now, like the Jolly Green Giant.”

“UGH, Jolly Green Giant Glenn!” I cried. God, all the good Glenns have been coming to me after the fact.

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Elsewhere at The Law Firm, there are speculations that the Anti-Paperclip Goblin might be leaving and I’m getting moved to a new area which I’m both happy and sad about. I suspect my work life is going to become extremely stressful. At least for a little while. Not like the Internet will have to deal with me bitching about it.

Earlier this evening, I overheard my boss yell to Carey, “Did you seriously just ask Erin Kelly if she watches American Horror Story? Of COURSE she watches American Horror Story, she’s ERIN KELLY.

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I guess I can think of worse reputations to have at work.

  2 Responses to “Post-Halloween Work Sadness”

  1. Boo for work stress. And, boo for Halloween being over.

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