Nov 022012


While blowdrying Chooch’s hair this morning, I offhandedly wondered how many girls in his class have a crush on him.

“Probably none after today since you’re making me wear a sweater with OWLS on it,” Chooch muttered.

So what, owls are the new social suicide?


He does kind of look like I bought him at Ikea.

  3 Responses to “Friday Sweater”

  1. Oh, he looks adorable! And I’d kill for that sweater. It’s not like they are normal, boring owls. Look at their crazy eyes!

    • It’s a cool sweater but he doesn’t believe me! I think he secretly likes it because he usually refuses to put on things he doesn’t like.

      At least his scarf has skulls on it!

  2. I absolutely love owls, and that sweater looks great on him! He definitely has girls crushing on him.

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