Nov 082012

In 2006, I jokingly handmade a shit ton of serial killer-themed Christmas cards to send to my friends. It was kind of a “fuck you” to the greeting card industry. What I didn’t expect was that people really liked these cards! I mean, they were handwritten with gel pens, you guys. What’s not to love?

I think I started out with 5 different killers. Today, I have 13 different options in the Christmas card section alone. These cards have come a long way, and they’re still my little babies!

As a thank you for the years of interest and support in non compos cards, I’m offering a free set of 5 cards of the winner’s choice!

To enter, just complete the form below. You get one entry for each task completed! Contest ends midnight 11/16/12!

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  9 Responses to “Serial Killer Christmas Card Giveaway!”

  1. Favorite OHE post off the top of my head – Probably the first pie party post – though that was a difficult choice.

  2. I sent the link to your site to a friend a few days ago because he was looking for out-of-the-ordinary cards and I told him he needed to check out serial killer greetings. I love them mucho! There used to be this website that had stories on all of the big serial killers and I would spend so much of my work day reading about all of them, and now I can’t find the site anymore and it makes me super sad.

  3. Matt and I still have your 2006 card! I’m going to have to dig it up…I can’t remember the name of the serial killer you gave us. I think it was the guy that ate his victims, sorry if I can’t remember his name. Favorite Christmas card ever.

  4. I love all of the terrible puns that make these cards awesome!!!

  5. These are pretty much my dream Christmas cards :)

  6. I want these cards because they are just awesome and would be perfect for a few fellow twisted family members. I have too many favorite horror movies to pick one. I don’t know who Jonny Craig is. And I don’t have an embarrassing moment…I guess because it’s just hard to embarrass me.

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