Nov 152012

Quick pictorial recap:


Of all the color choices, Chooch picked “Jonny Craig ginger.” That’s my boy! Of course it’s on crooked. That’s my boy.

Some of my work friends. Work has been going better. I haven’t cried there in awhile! (Knock on wood.)

Speaking of work, I was entered in some raffle, unbeknownst to me, for participating in the Firm’s walking challenge and the Heart Walk 5k. I was really excited, even though the $100 gift card was for a grocery store that would basically go straight to Henry’s wallet. Right when I was googling to see if I could use it to buy a gift card for another store so that I could buy clothes instead of cereal, the dude who won the grand prize emailed the lady who organized the event to see if he could swap his PREMIUM CARNEGIE MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP with one of the winners of the gift card.

I’ve never replied to an email so fast.

So now I have that instead. A $250 value! Henry, Chooch and I are always going places so this made more sense to me. We will use the shit out of that membership.

I feel like it was a nice little fist pump from the Big Guy for not killing myself last week.

They’ve done a lot of construction at the Palace of Gold since I was last there.

At some point, I have to finish the Moundsville posts. And I scheduled a tour of the Bayernhof Music Museum for this Sunday with my brother Corey and friend Kristy! Pretty stoked to be returning to that house of horrors.

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