Nov 152012

Late this morning, I was walking to meet my friend Evonne for coffee at the Sugar Cafe. I called Henry because it had been an entire fifteen minutes since I bothered him at work; while I was on  the phone with him, an old man on a bench asked me for the time.

This meant I had to take the phone away from ear and re-light the screen.

Not very problematic, exhausting or too terribly inconvenient, but it was enough to spark a new goal for myself.

“I really need to get a watch,” I whined to Henry, immediately after giving the old man the time. (If I were old, time would be the last thing I wanted to know.) “I haven’t had one in years!”

Side bar: The last watch I had was a Fossil, a Valentine’s Day gift from Henry. Sweet, right? I thought so too until a few months later when I learned he purchased it with my own Journeys gift card.

After listening to me rant about how it was high time I reward myself with a fancy watch, Henry said, “Fancy? Like what, an upscale kids watch?”

God, that man knows me so well.


It’s been almost a year since I last saw Evonne, but time doesn’t ever put a damper on things for us. We got our breakfast and immediately started talking about alien sightings, Quaker cemeteries and being stalked. She’s like my goddamn life coach.

 She even brought me last year’s Christmas present!

And it was a watch.

A motherfucking WATCH.

Evonne is magic.

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  1. I AM AWESOME!!! and so are YOUUUU!!!

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