Nov 212012

In an effort to rejuvenate a love for handwritten letters, the Snail Mail My Email project was launched. It’s run solely by volunteers who handwrite and mail letters that are submitted by people through the website. There’s also the option to request a custom doodle.

Because I don’t have enough shit to do, I signed up to be a volunteer. I wasn’t holding my breath, because the FAQs made it sound like they had enough people, but then over the weekend, I received an email telling me I was chosen, followed immediately by 20 emails with the letters that I need to write and mail.


Of course, I made this my priority.

The first one I did had a doodle request of an epic battle between a unicorn and a cat in a cave in a deep pocket of a purse. So I made a purse out of a manila folder. It opens up to reveal the epic battle (I modeled the cat after Marcy, who cam sit through an epic battle looking bored as hell, yet still win) and the message they wanted is written on the back of a gum wrapper.

Because all purses have a gum wrapper in it.




WTF happened in Napa?!

(A-ron liked this one so much, he asked me to make a copy before I mail it.  Who wouldn’t love a letter with the word “twats” in it!?)

3 down. 17 more to go!


  2 Responses to “Snail Mail My Email”

  1. Damn! Wish I’d heard about this sooner–seems like a lot of fun :) I guess there’s always the Deviantart handmade card mamma jamma, but that site kind of weirds me out.

    That purse is the coolest thing that could be received in the mail :D

  2. I love this idea. But I would get anxiety at having to do 20 in a few days. :\

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