Dec 132012

After asking Henry repeatedly to buy me “No Room For Rockstars,” a Warped Tour cinéma vérité, for my birthday last summer and then not receiving it because God forbid Henry should break his streak of never buying me a gift, ever, I finally bought it for myself as an early Christmas gift.

(It’s the only way, really.)

I watched it yesterday before work and wouldn’t you know I cried through the whole thing? Ask my cat Marcy. She was there.

I cried because there was so much footage of a premortem Mitch Lucker and his little girl. And I cried because Kevin Lyman, the Godfather of Warped, has made so many dreams come true for so many little bands. And then I cried some more knowing that I’m given that one day every summer as a vacation from being a “grown-up,” from sitting in an office, from never really belonging anywhere else. I’ve been ridiculed about it so many times from people who just don’t get it, or can’t be bothered to try and understand, but that doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s where I feel at home. In fact, I brought some of my Warped Tour photos to work so whenever I feel overwhelmed or down, I can look up and do a quick countdown in my head to next summer.

And yes, I already have my ticket for next summer. Presale FTW!

Anyway, here’s the trailer for anyone who might be curious.

  4 Responses to “No Room For Rockstars”

  1. Yeh I shed a little tear just watching the trailor. I love warped tour.. the two times I went were amazing experiences. I definitely need to see this.

    • Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, I appreciate it. Any lover of Warped Tour is a friend of mine. ;)

      Seriously, No Room For Rockstars is a really great capture of Warped Tour. Try to watch it if you can!

  2. I buy all of my own presents, too. It’s better that way; then I actually get the things I want. I’m glad you already have your ticket, and I’m glad you got your movie. Merry Christmas to you!

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