Mar 012013

I snatched The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me off the shelf last weekend when I was looking for something to listen to in the car. I forgot how fantastic this entire album is — no, that’s not true. I just forgot about how much I loved it. As soon as it started playing, it was like 2006/2007 smacked me square in the face with a frying pan, but it kind of felt good.

I listen to music like this and am reminded how lucky we are to not have to rely on the shit that the radio spoonfeeds us.

  4 Responses to “A Song For You on Friday: Brand New – Not the Sun”

  1. I feel this way every time I listen to Brand New. This album was so freaking good, its such a shame it was the final step in the spiral to douchedom. (Why yes, I do kind of hate Jesse Lacey, even if I love his music)

    • I agree with this. This album was definitely their opus. I wanted to love Daisy in the worst way.

      Wasn’t this the album that Jesse tried to get people to send money for the liner notes & lyrics?

      • You know, I have no idea.
        I saw Brand New when they came around a bit after Your Favorite Weapon and Jesse was out in the crowd. We were like 2 feet away so we went over to say hi and he gave us “the hand” and said “SHH, Im texting!” We kind of laughed because nobody is that much of a douche to their fans, right? No, he was serious. He finished his text and walked away without a word. Dick. I haven’t been able to pay attention to anything but stealing their music since then.
        This album really is brilliance though.

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