Apr 212013


This weekend has been full of hyper-maniacal laughter, Pierce the Veil, terrorizing nature and just flat out fun. I wish that I would have spent less of my 20s rejecting happiness & fighting everyone around me (especially Henry) because I feel like I wasted so much time. Now, weekends mean so much more to me and I wake up Friday mornings with that excited stomach tickle because hello, just one more day of work to get through before I’m let loose to be childish and do whatever the fuck I want; even when we have nothing planned, I go back to work on Monday regretting nothing.

There’s really no point to this post other than to say life is only as shitty as you want it to be, so find something to get stoked on. I wish I could go back 10 years and tell myself that, because I sure as hell wasn’t listening to anyone else. I worked so hard to get to where I am now, and I don’t just mean professionally, that I guess I’m at the point in my life where I just want to enjoy it with the people I choose to be in my life. No more regretting cutting ties with undeserving drama-mongers or wishing my family was “normal.” This is my life and I like it.

Maybe it’s just spring fever making me delirious but I sure feel pretty fucking good.

  4 Responses to “Get Stoked”

  1. Yes, this. I needed some perspective!

  2. Love this :)

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