Jul 262013

This is going to be shocking, but OMG it’s a post not about Warped Tour/the county fair/our New England vacation! Whaaaat?! Seriously, I think I’m finally caught up! I can start posting about random bullshit again, like assholes on the trolley, my new plant (!!!) and I don’t know—what did I even used to write about!? It’s been so long.

And now, let’s proceed.

You probably wouldn’t peg me as a fan of the blog A Beautiful Mess, but I really actually love their brand (and they created the most adorable photo app of all time). Plus, they’re buds with Eisley, and I love that band/entire family. So when I saw that they were doing a 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge, I decided to try and play nice with others by joining. It’s been fun so far, I guess! But probably not for my Instagram and Facebook friends who have to see a new picture of my dumb face everyday. Don’t worry, I’ll try to think of ways to mix that shit up. I guess I’m going to post them here at the end of every week. Lucky you.

(This actually is a challenge because I’m not a fan of my face. I take 87,000 photos before finding ONE that is suitable to use as a Facebook profile picture. It’s pathetic. But I’m going to try and not be so particular and vain with this challenge. Maybe.)

#1: Obligatory Stupid Smirk

#2: My Standard Pout

#3: Law Firm Reflections, duh.

#4: Haunted Hand Mirror (no, really—I found this in my house when I moved in back in 1999; one side is all bashed in like it was used to MURDER SOMEONE.)

#5: Marcy & me in the morning, makeup-less. Marcy looks weird without mascara, right?

According to the rules on A Beautiful Mess, people can jump in and start the challenge at any time, so you should play too!

  3 Responses to “A Beautiful Mess Self Portrait Thingie”

  1. Marcy needs mascara on, stat. Girl’s eyelashes are nonexistent without it.

    Way to go for joining in on this. I’m so ridiculous with pictures of myself, I rarely take them and when I do, I take like 45 to make sure I get a good one and then I still hate it. So, yah. I get that.

    • Someone shared a blog post on FB about how we should stop being so photo-phobic because the truth is, we’re the only ones thinking negative things about our image in photographs and how sad would it be if we died and left barely any trace of ourselves behind for loved ones. And it made me think about all the group photos I’m trying to cower behind the person in front of me, and how I barely have any pictures of me and my friends together in the last 10 years because I’m such a crybaby about having my photo taken. And what am I going to do if I ever get married (yeah right)?! So I’m really trying super hard to even post ones that I personally think I look terrible in!

      I’m glad you understand but also really sad that you do, because you’re so pretty!

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