Aug 102013


Today at the mall, some broad was all, “Yo can you hold the front of the stroller so that I can ride down the escalator?” She was asking ME to do this because she clearly doesn’t know that I fail at helping people. Rather than get into some winded discourse about my escalator phobia (I almost perished on one in Atlantic City when I was 4!), I waved her off to Henry, who is always glad to help a Civilian because that was one of the things he learned in the SERVICE, right after how to emulate Erik Estrada.

Meanwhile, Chooch was yelling, “MOMMY ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE FOR YOUR BLOG?” as I was taking a picture for my blog. Goddammit, things are beginning to get trickier.

  2 Responses to “Henry’s Escalator Service”

  1. Tell Chooch this is supposed to be undercover, this blogging thing. He’s got a thing to learn about being a blogger.

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