Aug 182013


Yo. On this day of rest, I am going to share some random photos taken during the week. And then I might read a book or something, followed by a brief pouting session when I remember that tomorrow is the start of the last week of summer for Chooch. :(

You can’t tell but this is totally a lemon Rice Krispies treat and, unless you hate lemon, it was a million times better than the classic, which is hereby too plain for me to ever even think about eating again.

This was the exchange between Henry and myself after I told him one of my co-workers was collecting money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Touché, Henry J. Robbins.

This is how I get Henry’s attention.

He was being a dick later on so I told him I take it all back.

“Oh no,” he said drolly. “Please, don’t take back the clouds and lightning. Not the poop!”

I’m going to miss leisurely weekday breakfasts with Chooch, where we explore Brookline like we’re new to town.

We just had breakfast at Eat n Park on Friday and Chooch stopped talking about kitty videos long enough to shit talk the man behind me for not saying “please” to the waitress.

After I almost died at a county fair yesterday, we ate dinner at Brown’s Country Kitchen, which was nothing really to write home about but the walls were plastered with mildly amusing wooden signs which entertained me and Chooch.

Marcy rejected my flowers. :(

Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with all kinds of words about Mexican beverages, carnies and other assorted bullshit.

  One Response to “Sunday Photo Dump”

  1. Hi Marcy!!

    I want some of those rice krispie treats, for real. Next time have him use a Funfetti mix instead. It’s the shit.

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