Sep 012013


So, instead of going away this weekend, I declared that we stay home (Henry cheered) and refinish furniture (Henry sighed).

Ugh, Home Depot. The very stench of that place fills me with a sadness & despondency normally reserved for your basic orphan.

We bought this coffee table last winter at Goodwill for TEN DOLLARS. I finally got Henry to bring it outside yesterday to sand it down and prime it (so now we have a bunch of junk mail, remotes* and other assorted shit strewn about the floor) and today he started spray painting it for real. (Pink and gold glitter. Henry sighed and asked, “Can you make the house any MORE like Liberace’s?”)

*(Why do we have so many remotes? OMG.)


The center is going to be filled with Instagram photos. That was my big job, putting pictures I want to use into a folder on the desktop.

“I’m really excited about one picture in particular,” I giggled on one of my visits outside to Henry’s Paint Studio. “You’ll never guess what it is!”

Henry groaned. “What? It BETTER not be JONNY CRAIG!”

“It’s not…but I think I might have one of the Jonny doll. Anyway, it’s something to remind us about one of me and Chooch’s favorite day of last summer,” I blurted out through my weird, throaty giggle that I do when I’m reaching the height of giddiness.

“I can only imagine…” Henry said wearily.


“Oh Jesus Christ,” Henry sighed before returning to priming some random desk I never knew we had in the garage because that is where all of Henry’s crap is, so why would I ever go into the garage? Besides, I can’t lift the garage door.

  6 Responses to “DIY Sunday”

  1. I need you to come over and tell me what to do with my furniture. That table isn’t even finished in that picture and is the most righteous thing ever.

    • I would totally do that! I’m pretty OK with telling people what to do, haha. :)

      Just as long as I don’t have to do any of the work. Otherwise, you’ll have some pretty globby furniture.

  2. I cannot wait to see this table finished!

    • Me either!! It’s taking foreverrrrrrr. It was so humid all weekend so it took each coat a really long time to dry. :( And then I tried to spray gold glitter on one of the drawers and royally fucked it up so now Henry has to sand it down and re-do it lol.

  3. Me either, can’t wait to see it finished! I’m all about gold glitter.

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