Nov 052013


We drove for like, how long? Two hours I guess. idiot Janna was with us and god for bid Henry put like 40 jackets on me.


when we got in line this BUNNY-DEAD KILL ME it was chasing everyone else BUT then a gas mask dude  I wanted the BUNNY-KILL ME and the gas mask dude to chase me but then some dead jester thing came out of nowhere with a stick with a skeleton thing on top and got in my face, slammed his stick with the skeleton into the ground but henry told us to go in line with him because it was shorter and there was this glass window thing in the register and I looked right through it and saw the bunny dude’s face.


so now we’re inside and first came Clown Town. the best of all is The Fog, number 10. Each one was in a different part of the park and we had to walk to each one. and henry and janna were talking about having to pee all the time, that’s all they did.


Me and my 40 jackets.


mommy was scared but nothing was even in there!!! All I saw was when we went into the merry go round I looked to the right and saw these two clowns looking on their phones. iphones, I guess.

haunted hotel Conneaut scared me the most. Mommy told me “ghosts are real” because they are. to prove that ghosts are real, I slammed my right leg on the step! wonder who pushed me mommy or a ghost?? then this ju-on lady just came out of nowhere in this dark room. I saw it first, no one else saw it. it was like gonna slam her hand on my leg but then I did this—hop!

when we were in line after the hotel Conneaut for apocalypse zombie we had to walk on this boardwalk when it ended these two dudes came running at us. I wasn’t even scared. mommy is the one who came running behind janna and henry. then the chainsaw guy came. back to the mommy was running scared part, those guys were like touching mommy and janna and henry but not me at all.


last house on the left. I did not think it was scary, when we went in, we had to go upstairs. this dude had a metal stick and slammed it on the wall and then we went THE WRONG WAY BECAUSE OF MOMMY so then we had to go through a black curtain or something. when we went through the curtains we had to walk through a living room and this girl came popping out of nowhere and said “do you know what the fox says?!” and I was like “a ring ding ding ding ding” and she was like “good job!” and then we came to another guy who said “do you want to know what the fox says? it says nothing!” This guy in a pig mask was like on the right of mommy and mommy didn’t even notice it. he was a bloody pig guy, just with a pig mask on.


this was after we walked through Demon House with all the bubbles at the end. After we came out of the Devils Den we passed this kitten named Boots. It was cute. The end. Hope you enjoyed! write a comment!

  6 Responses to “Ghost Lake 10/26: A Chooch Guest Post”

  1. Hey Chooch, You’re pretty brave, going through all these haunted houses. I went through one here in Denver called Brutal Planet. I have never been so scared in my entire life, and I will never do it again! So from now on I’ll just read your write-ups and that will be good enough for me.

  2. Nice blog post, Chooch! I can’t believe you’re such a good writer and speller already. I still remember when you were still speaking in single word sentences…

    That place sounds pretty sweet, I wish we couldn’t been there with you!

    This cracked me up: “this girl came popping out of nowhere and said “do you know what the fox says?!” and I was like ‘a ring ding ding ding ding…'”

    40 coats, really?! At least you had extra padding in case someone really did try to get you!

    Miss you and all that mushy stuff.


  3. Wait, so did anybody actually pee? Or just talk about it the whole time?

    I really enjoyed this post very much, especially the part about you wearing 40 jackets and escaping creepy touching by hopping away.

  4. I liked how there was a kitten at the end :)

  5. I love reading your posts, Chooch! Very entertaining.

  6. Chooch, you make me laugh. I like reading your posts! That bunny is pretty scary but really, chainsaw men can die in a fire. I hate them with a passion.

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