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Chooch didn’t have school yesterday so I paid him $10 to write in my blog and then a half hour later, I said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that $10 includes a photo shoot, too.” He WISHED he had school yesterday. We were only out there for about 20 minutes and the compromise was that he got to wear his Never Shout Never shirt, so everyone was happy in the end. It’s pretty shameful how infrequently I have been using my real camera. I guess it’s mostly because it’s kind of a senior citizen now as far as cameras go and DSLRs just don’t become “hip & vintage,” I’m sorry. Every time I get close to getting a new one, I decide I want something else instead. Or the car needs fixed. Or we need to pay rent and but groceries. You know, all those pesky problems. Oh, and we upgraded to a newer version of Photoshop which most people would stoked about me, but not me. I HATE CHANGE. IT IS DIFFERENT! HARDER TO FIND THINGS! I HATE IT. (I also have barely given it a chance. Chooch’s birthday party pictures from last spring are still sitting in a folder waiting to be edited because that was when The Photoshop Upgrade happened and I almost tossed the computer out the window.


Anyway, who cares about my first world camera drama. Here are some current non-iPhone snaps of Chooch as a seven-year-old Never Shout Never addict.


Mouth open, mid-bitch.

“Do you think Christofer Drew knows how much I love him?” Chooch asked me yesterday. Never Shout Never is doing a small tour next month to support their upcoming Christmas EP, so we’re planning on taking Chooch to the Cleveland show. It’s not a surprise this time, god forbid. But maybe Chooch will get to meet him this time and tell him all about how he wishes he was his dad.


On Sunday, we were driving to the mall and passed a furniture store that had a very dramatic CLOSING FOREVER! sign out front. Chooch got really sad about this. I asked him why and he said he was sad for the people who bought all their furniture there. He definitely inherited my whacked-out emotions. And then of course I became sad for the people too. Henry was just like, “Jesus Christ,” and kept driving with a frown on his mug.


We went to the mall to buy Chooch some more school clothes because I acted all shocked that he has grown out of his long-sleeved clothes from last year, which prompted Henry to explain to me that growing is a common occurrence with children. But since we were there, Chooch and I dragged Henry to Hot Topic where I got the new Dance Gavin Dance album and then to FYE where Chooch found the “Year One” Never Shout Never compilation and also, sadly, a Backstreet Boys CD for $3. I wont ever deny the kid music, but I asked him to just please only listen to it when I’m not in the car. (I was an N*Sync fan, OK?)

FYE sucks.


This morning when were walking to school, two people stopped to tell him that they liked his hat. He was SO FUCKING SMUG about it and said with a shit-eating smirk, “Ha! Just like your PURSE, Mommy!” He hates it when people stop to compliment me on my holographic eyeball purse.



We might not have the conventional mom/kid relationship, but it works. I had the best October now that he goes to haunted houses with me and I look forward to Sundays so we can watch The Walking Dead together and then we have discussions about it the next morning while walking to school. He might piss me off 870000 times a day (like this morning when we had a mild argument over what shoes I thought looked best with his outfit #OhHonestlyErinProblems) but I’m so glad he’s mine. AND NOT HENRY’S.

J/K. But he totally likes me better.


Now there are two people in the house whining about how they can’t wait for the next Warped Tour. And Henry is thrilled.


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  1. I love your relationship with him. It’s perfect.

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