Dec 152013


Saturday afternoon was gross and snowy, but Henry PROMISED us all week that we could go to the Kickback Cafe, so I held him to it. (Which is a nice way of saying I nagged him all fucking morning until he threw his hands up in defeat and we all paraded to the car.)


Kickback Café is a place where you can eat a sandwich, drink a latte and PLAY MOTHERFUCKING PINBALL. Props to my brother Corey for the pro tip about this place! I guess it hasn’t been there very long, but it’s in Lawrenceville and I am waaaaay out of the loop when it comes to knowing about the cool shit popping up in this flourishing section of Pittsburgh. Back in MY day, it was the Southside that had all the cool shit, but now most everything that was awesome about that town has been turned into some generic meat-head bar so fuck the Southside amirite. (Except for Zenith!!)


I had a grilled cheese, because what else is new. Chooch also had a grilled cheese and who cares what Henry had. Something with copious slabs of meat on it, I’m sure.





I hated this pinball machine. First, I couldn’t get it to start because I’m too dumb to read the instructions, so Angry Henry had to help me, and then every last one of my stupid balls went right down the drain thing. I suck.

You know who else is phenomenally bad at pinball? MY SON:

Henry didn’t smile once. God Henry, what will make you happy?! Besides sleeping, Ted Nugent and doing crafts?! What else does he even like, I don’t even know! Maybe we need to send the guy to a strip club. Henry, do you like strippers? Oh wait—yes. Yes, you do.


I don’t ever look at prices, but according to Henry, this was an expensive “casual lunch at a pinball café.” He was none too pleased about it, but Chooch and I were happy! And that’s all that matters, remember Henry?


The tables downstairs are made to look like pinball bumpers! HOW GODDAMN ADORABLE IS THAT.



I just remembered that I hate pinball. But it was still fun! And the guy and girl working there were super nice and not mean at all like you would think people with TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS would be, OMGGG.

(^^^a joke.)

So to conclude, if you like any combination of sandwiches, hot beverages and pinball, then you would like this place. If you hate those things or Lawrenceville has a PFA against you, then you probably shouldn’t go there. Maybe find a slot machine sushi place instead.

  4 Responses to “Kickback Cafe”

  1. Glad you guys went! I thought it was a little pricey, too. But I was with my friend that lives in Manhattan, so she was all OMG THIS PLACE IS SOOO CHEAP IT COSTS $15 FOR JUST ONE SANDWICH WHERE I COME FROM, lol. But seriously that’s how she reacted. And I sucked at pinball, too. The ball kept going in the slot behind the flipper things and making me lose. Every time. I was so frustrated over it!

  2. Oh, that grilled cheese! I think that’s what I’m doing for dinner. It sounds amazing.

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