Dec 232013


I was surprised when I met Never Shout Never. they mean so much to me like this much ——————————————————————————————————– that’s how much they mean to me.

When we met them, I did NOT know what we were going to do. So Jason was there, I told him that I wanted to meet Christofer Drew and then he said “yeah and I want to meet Christina Hendricks.” When we walked into the room to meet them I was like OMG really you’re making me meet them? OMG. Christofer said nice shirt and I said thanks, actually I was shy. He took my hat off of me and put his hat on me and my hat on him and I felt like OMG now I have his ghost inside my hat and my ghost inside of his hat. I got my picture with them I still was shy. Christofer gave me a guitar pick I broke real quick on an accident. They told me to play the tuba and that I would get all the girls haha and then they told me to go to Chicago with them.

My favorite part of the night was when they played my favorite song Lost at Sea. It’s on the album Time Travel. When they played it I sang the whole song.

OMG I finally met them and I probably will never again.

You should listen to Harmony. It’s an album. My favorite song on that album is First Dance! And Trampoline. Actually, Trampoline is mommy’s most favorite.

  5 Responses to “Another Damn Concert Post, By Chooch”

  1. Another great post, Chooch! Keep them coming.

  2. Yes! Chooch is the coolest. I never listened to this band, but I am going to go give thema llisten now!

  3. I think it’s the awesomest thing EVER that you got to meet Never Shout Never and wear Christofer’s hat. Now they know how much they mean to you!

    Please keep writing posts. I like them a lot.

  4. I’m so glad you got to meet them! :)

  5. You’re awesome, Chooch. It’s pretty rad you got to meet Cristofer Drew and he wore your hat and you wore his. I would have died, I think. I get all shy and awkward around people I’m in awe of.

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