Dec 302013

Alternately titled: Where We Torture Our Kid Under the Guide of “Art.”


I’ll tell ya, we’re met with more and more resistance every year when it comes to picture-taking. I got all exasperated, which is my usual go-to response to adversity, followed quickly by the ever-popular solution of “I QUIT.” But then right as I was about to pack it up, Chooch started to use an old guard rail as a balance beam, so Henry fulfilled his quota of “one bright idea every five years” by tricking Chooch into having his photo taken while “doing things.”

IMG_7435 IMG_7450

Then we dared him to run as fast as he could to another spot and then suggested he sit down amidst the leaves after he hurt his ankle.


IMG_7457 copy

Henry encouraged him to hurdle over headstones, which of course resulted in Chooch eventually catching his foot on one and falling, leaving him with a handsome bruise on his leg. BLAME HENRY.

IMG_7451 IMG_7464

Then we paid him all the money in our pockets* to take his coat off for approximately 3 minutes so we could get some shots of his sweater, since that day’s outfit was a happy accident. (All three of us blindly picked out one component of the outfit, and somehow it worked.)

*(This amounted to $7. I actually had $4 in my pocket only because it was change from when we went to see Gremlins last week. I usually never have cash. Seriously, don’t ever bother mugging us.)


He looks thrilled, right?

  3 Responses to “Annual Christmas Photos That Are Taken In A Cemetery 2013”

  1. I love these pictures. They look super candid, which is my favorite.

  2. I wish I could get Coach to let me dress him up in cool clothes and take photos of him… no deal… no matter how much cash I have in my pocket. He’s just no fun at all!

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