Jan 202014

Today, I’m wearing a Silence the City Clothing t-shirt that says “Steer Your Own Path.” Chooch was eyeballing it and finally said, “I don’t get your shirt.”

“It just means, you shouldn’t always sit around and wait for things to happen,” I explained, which is one of my biggest weaknesses of being A Parent: “Explaining life lessons.”

Chooch looked unsatisfied with this explanation, so I forged on. “You know, like if we just sat around and waited for Daddy to be like ‘OMG guys let’s go do something fun!’, we’d spend our entire lives sitting in the house doing nothing, never going anywhere but school and work, because he would never say anything like that. That’s why I’m always the one finding fun things for us to do.”

Chooch considered this and then said, “Well, Daddy did say something like that once, I think. But it was just about going to the Laundromat.”


  2 Responses to “A Conversation on MLKJr Day that Has Nothing To Do with MLKJr”

  1. TOLHURST! The laundromat!!!

    Does Ted Nugget go to laundromats, I wonder?

  2. Ahaha the laundromat. Awesome.

    I am really bad at the parenting/teaching/life thing, but over the weekend we ended up on some Lifetime Movie special about girls getting taken at Spring Break and I told Hailey, “please don’t ever be that stupid girl but if you are, please just call me and I’ll take care of you”. Life lesson: DONE. Thanks, Lifetime channel.

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