Jan 272014

Henry wouldn’t take us anywhere yesterday because oh no, snow. The big difference between Henry and me, aside from that one us doesn’t have a weener (I know, that could be either of us), is that Henry is fine doing NOTHING all the livelong day. Not me. I need action. I suffer enough throughout the week to feel pretty damn entitled when the weekend rolls around. And I was really looking forward to this particular one! I had a breakfast date with Wendy and Jeannie, Chooch’s piano lesson, Kristy was going to come over Saturday night to teach me how to drink beer without looking like I had just let someone ejaculate in my mouth for the first time, and then we were going to go to a different skating rink on Sunday. BUT THEN: SNOW.


I could only take so much before I went to Chooch’s room, threw together a random outfit, and said, “PUT THIS ON, WE’RE GOING OUTSIDE FOR A PHOTO SHOOT” and he was all, “NO I HATE YOU” but then I bribed/threatened him and of course I got my way in the end.


See? He’s fine! Totally content!

IMG_7487 IMG_7486

I asked him not to smile for this so please don’t call Child Services on me, thanks. (You know who you are.)

I know I probably shouldn’t say this about my own kid, but he reminds me so much of a young Jeffrey Dahmer in this photo, I can’t stand it. But then my friend Brandy called him “Darling Valentine” on Instagram, so let’s just go with that.


OK, he may have been shivering here. But we were only outside for < 10 minutes. I’m not that mean.




Henry was in the basement sanding a jewelry cabinet for me, so he actually had no idea this was going on. I guess what I’m saying is: we were unsupervised and no one got frostbite or cannibalized the other. In my world, we call that success.

Aside from that, this weekend was pretty worthless. Oh well, at least Katy Perry didn’t win a Grammy last night.

  9 Responses to “Snow Date”

  1. He’s adorable, as always. I am anxious to get in on a photo shoot again with you sometime…

    • Oh man, I’d love to do another photo shoot with you guys! My favorite, even though it was just a candid, is still the one of you making that hilarious face from inside the house after Bill got Steelers tickets!

  2. So, yes I agree, Jeffrey Dahmer. But in a good way, if there is such a thing. Those glasses are rad and they make him look sort of creepy but again in a good way. I’m not helping myself here.

  3. Lol. He’s such a handsome dude.

    Even though he looks a little Mrs. Doubtfire in that first pic. ;-)

  4. Did I spy an owl on his sweater underneath that sweet coat? I love owls.
    He looks amazing, as always. Was that a Sophia apple by chance?

    • Yes, there are owls on his sweater! He barely fits in it anymore and I’m so sad because it’s so freaking adorable! :(

      I believe that apple was a Gala. I’ve never had a Sophia! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for that kind. <3

  5. “I asked him not to smile for this so please don’t call Child Services on me, thanks. (You know who you are.)”


    I have to say that the non smiling one was my favorite of these. That combined with the slightly dreamyblurry lens, the dead flowers, and the snow made for a beautiful combination. When I become a famous merch person, you will shoot me in beautiful settings, too. ;)

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