Feb 022014


OK, so we had a poor roller skating experience this afternoon, which I will opine about at nauseating length later this week, OH DON’T YOU WORRY, and Philip Seymour Hoffman died and the weather was cold and rainy and everyone was all FOOTBALL. But in spite of all that, I’d rather spotlight the high point of the day because weekends should rule no matter what. Unless an emergency amputation is scheduled.

So anyway, we went to Dairy Queen after skating and holy fuck, no one told me they have red velvet Blizzards now. Well, they do.

Chooch and I do what we excel at and ditched Henry at the counter. We walked around to the side of the store and I spotted a table that only sat 2, so of course Chooch & I giggled like the motherfuckers we are and Henry had to sit alone.


He acted like he was only upset about having to sit elsewhere because it meant the Dairy Queen girl was going to have to deliver our Blizzards to two separate tables, like suddenly he gives a shit about people. Chooch and I were laughing so hard, we almost projectiled soft serve across the room.

That was definitely the best part of my Sunday. If you’re having a bad day, ostracize the Henry Figure in your life and eat ice cream. And might I add: Red velvet Blizzards are the SHIT. Now if I can only get Lays to seriously consider my entry for red velvet potato chips.

  2 Responses to “Red Velvet Highlights”

  1. Red velvet fucking Blizzards? Are you joking me right now?! I need this.

    • OMG it was wonderful!

      When I was ordering, the girl asked if I wanted a medium. At first I said yes and Henry was all, “REALLY?” Not because he’s on Fatty Patrol, but because he knows how easily I get sick! So I switched my order to a small and immediately kicked myself when I took the last bite. :( I want one right now!

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