Feb 102014

Two years ago, I made a whole series of these little cards to help promote my dumb blog. Why? WHY NOT. Did it work? Probably not. But at least the same 3 people are still reading! Still, they’re fun to casually leave behind on the trolley and church confessionals, so I made some new ones. Besides, it’s a fun way to be pushy and whiny about wanting people to read my haphazardly-strewn words.

These reviews may or may not be based on real enemies/people and events.

AsperionFront2 Asperion2

If anyone would like a stack, email me at butgavincantdance@gmail.com and I will hook you up like this is some half-assed street team or something.

  3 Responses to “That Time Tonya Harding Blamed My Blog & Other Questionable Quotes”

  1. Whore Bitch at the roller rink. That’s my favorite, I think.

    P.S. Keep an eye on your mailbox in the next 4ish days.

  2. Are we the same three people reading? YAY US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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