Feb 142014

I don’t necessarily hate this day, but I don’t really care much for it either. (Although I really am a sucker for glittery pink and red heart accessories.) I think it all stems back to the time in high school when I spent $toomuch on a coffin-shaped Misfits boxed set for Psycho Mike and even did the whole pathetic rose petal thing, only to get taken to Donut Connection where he bought himself a donut and coffee with a coupon, but I had to pay for myself because he only had the one coupon.

However, it’s better now that I have a kid, because I get to give him all kinds of cheesy heart-boxed chocolates and novelty Peeps and make him inside joke-laden cards. This morning, he was all excited to give me Godiva chocolates and a Valentine card with, of course, a kitten on the front. If HENRY has chosen to participate in this day, he has not shown any signs yet.

(Although, he’s paying for the tattoo I’m getting tomorrow, so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on him.)

Tomorrow night, the three of us will be reveling in the anti-Valentine spirit by attending the second annual Castle Blood Valentine’s show, so if you live anywhere near Pittsburgh/Monessen, you should go too. Because Castle Blood is awesome.

And, I will end this with a vintage Valentine’s Day photo of Chooch. Go eat lots of chocolate hearts (and real hearts, if that’s your thing) today.


  3 Responses to “Please Die Valentine”

  1. I love Valentine’s day for two things: the candy and the decor. Pink + conversation hearts + glitter is all my little heart ever desired. But we don’t do anything special partly because we never really do and partly because this day is bullshit. If Correy is going to do something sweet I’d rather it not be on a day where the entire world expects it to happen anyway.

    You’re getting a tattoo tomorrow?! I am insanely jealous right now. I am dying for another. I need new ink!

    • Yes! I’m getting my very first tattoo covered up, which I actually got with the Psycho Mike mentioned in this post. It’s just old, stupid and ugly, not to mention laden with bad vibes and memories!

  2. OMG I have and LOVE the Misfits Coffin box set! You were a KICKASS girlfriend to get him that! I am sure that karma bit him in the ass for his lackluster V-Day performances.

    And yeah, Valentine’s Day is good for kids. Hearts plus age seven = SO MUCH FUN. <3

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