Mar 052014

During my break at work, I was perusing LiveJournal because I wanted to find the post about the time I entered Henry for some Hotties of Hannukah contest (seriously, I know). But during my hunt, I uncovered the old “What Kind of Hoover* Are You?” quiz that I created on Quizilla in like, 2005? 2004? So obviously I am now going to share that with you tonight, because it’s moderately funny, but THAT HAIR.


*(This was Henry’s LiveJournal nickname because he sucked the fun out of everything. There are still people that call him that and he gets so angry. So…please, keep calling him that.)


Roller Playstation Hardcore Culinary Closeted

I mean, these are all basically still current, minus the metal trucker locks.

I wish the quiz was still on Quizilla so I could see what the questions were, and obviously see if I would be a different Hoover 10 years later.

  5 Responses to “What Kind of Hoover…”

  1. THAT HAIR! OMG I’m dying!

    • He got his hair cut short once Chooch was born, JUST LIKE MOMS DO! I mean, I guess it’s only fitting that he would get a mom-cut, since he’s the Every Parent. :)

  2. I really like the Superstar Hoover picture, naughty in a vanilla kind of way. and he really loved that bandana, how West Virginia of him.

  3. I don’t remember which Hoover I was! I was all ready to take this quiz again, but am pretty sure I am Hardcore Hoover.

    Oh, The Great Shit King was so irritated at me when he called Henry “Hoover” in the car on the way to your shower and I died laughing in the passenger seat forever. Asshole.

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