Apr 252014


It is mandatory for bloggers to commemorate birthdays of their offspring every year and pretend that the entire world has halted. You didn’t know? It’s written somewhere, I don’t know. I’m not a real blogger, so you’ll have to ask one of these ones.

But back to Chooch! Eight years ago today, I was having this 10lb 2oz sack of chunk extracted from a SCARY INCISION THAT STILL HURTS SOMETIMES, OK? It seems like an eternity ago, but I can still remember how excited/anxious/horrified I was like it was yesterday, and the nurse asking me if I had a Living Will, OMG just what I want to think about right before I go in for a stomach filleting. And I think here is where I’m supposed to insert some flowery prose about how hard parenting is, but so worth it. It’s true though. Once I quit wondering when things would get easier and accepted the fact that this parenting job will NEVER get easier, I think I became kind of better at it. (I still fuck up A LOT, though, don’t get it twisted.) Chooch himself has made me so much better in so many ways!

I was the first one out of all of my friends to get pregnant, and I heard a lot of predictions like, “You’re not going to be fun anymore.” And that makes me laugh because I have more fun now than I ever did back then, so thanks Chooch! (I am also not friends anymore with the people who said shit like that to me, because fuck them.)



Here’s Henry sleeping in the hospital room that day, which is probably one of the last times Chooch and I have let him take a nap.


1. Bandanna

2. Faygo sweatshirt

3. Mr. Mom jeans and shoes

4. Awkward holding of his own hand


And here’s the birthday boy himself, on our walk to school this morning! You guys, he was in the best mood and a total fucking joy to be around for once. I LOVE BIRTHDAY CHOOCH, OMG.

Anyway, I guess we’re going to dinner tomorrow at Olive Garden of all places, because this is what he has requested we do. He’s never been to Olive Garden before and he hates pasta, so…..

  8 Responses to “Natal Anniversary #8”

  1. That picture of newborn Chooch is, as they say, perf.

  2. Happy birthday chooch! He’s so grown up :)
    I think I thought that life ended after you had kids until I met you. It all looks different now :)

  3. Dawwww happy birthday Chooch!

  4. Holy fucking hell, 10 pounds 2 ounces? That’s a big baby! Half of it was in his cheeks, I’m pretty sure.

  5. Yay! Happy berfday Chooch!

    Olive Garden’s a perfect choice. All the cat ladies go there.

    How did little you have such a hoss baby and live to joke about it???? He OWES you!

  6. Really, the bandana needs to come back. And all Faygo clothing.

    Some days, I still laugh because you told me you looked like Danny DeVito while you were pregnant. And also, you are very brave, because 10lbs is a lot to carry around inside of you and then extract. That’s scary. And you did fine!

    People and their predictions. Not nice and uncalled for.

  7. I’m so late to this but Happy Belated Birthday Chooch!

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