Apr 302014

The Easter Glenn Hunt might be over, but the need for new Glenns will never run out thanks to celebrities dying all the time.  But I guess that’s life, right? PEOPLE DIE AND IT SUCKS. Especially these national treasures:


This is how I inadvertently discovered that like 75% of the department had never heard of Devo. Them: “I don’t know who this is.”

Me: “He was in Devo. That’s why I wrote Devo on his shirt.”

Them: “What is a Devo?”




This broad from Green Acres. Barb was REALLY UPSET about this one. So upset that I feared she was going to start coming into work wearing overalls of remembrance.



This was one of the saddest ones I had to make. :(



Last of the singing von Trapp siblings. I went with a generalized Sound of Music Glenn to represent the whole goddamn clan.



I have said the Gwar frontman’s name a million times but really struggled to spell it.






You may have noticed that there is no Fred Phelps Glenn, and that is because that guy doesn’t deserve to be memorialized, not even as a Glenn. And I haven’t gotten around to Mickey Rooney because I can’t figure out how to make that one recognizable. SOS.

  2 Responses to “RIP Glenns: Spring Check-In”

  1. I love that you do this. I watch the news so rarely that a lot of the time, the Glenns are how I know people died. Is that sad? It might be, but it’s also awesome.

    • Thank you! It was actually Mean Amber’s idea, I think…we used to have an entire wall here dedicated to pictures of dead celebrities (actually, it was meant to be serious & to honor family members, etc. but a bunch of us assholes here immediately turned it into a joke & started posting pictures of 2Pac and Pluto!) but then they were taken down because that space was turned into offices (and now no one sits there at all!!). Amber was like, “You should just do RIP Glenns!” We keep them on a piece of posterboard right next to Glenn’s desk so if it never needs moved, it can be done quickly!

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