May 092014


It’s crunch time. Totally stressed out trying to get everything done (piñata’s not gonna make it, guys). Decided that stuffing treat bags is its own ring of parental hell and Henry and I have already had 87 fights while Chooch does NOTHING to help! Oh my god, we get it—a bee stung you on your stomach today. God, cry about it some more, why don’t you?


Anyway, I’m so agitated that I had to put on the Never Shout Never YouTube channel to chill me the fuck out. How can you be mad when your house is full of twee-ness?

We still have a million cookies to decorate and donuts to turn into Grumpy Cats, FUCKMYLIFEEEEEEEEE.

If Henry and I ever break up, I’m putting some sort of birthday party clause in the custody agreement. It’s all yours, dear HenHen!

And now you know what’s going on. Go Pens.

  2 Responses to “Goddamn Cat Party”

  1. Everything turned out so cute! You did an awesome job.

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