May 112014


Mother’s Day is always so bittersweet to me because of my strained relationship (and that’s being generous) with my mom. So many friends post beautiful photos of themselves with their awesome moms on Facebook, but I can’t hate them for that. They’re lucky to have a bond with their moms and I’m happy for them.

What I’m lacking on one end is more than abundant on the other: Chooch does a good job reminding me that he’s not mad about having me as a mom. I mean, look at his acrostic poem up there! Does that kid know me or what? All the way down to my love for “ovocados.”

So whatever kind of mom you are: bio, step, pet, foster or just the type of broad with natural maternal instincts that kick in when dumbasses like me are trying to cut/peel fruit at work, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I hope you’re getting some extra respect today.

ETA: Chooch asked me to put on Dance Gavin Dance’s “Strawberry Swisher Part 3” in the car, which obviously made my heart swell, so I mentioned it on Twitter because that’s where I put all of my emo updates, and then Dance Gavin Dance retweeted me. Happy Mothers Day to me, indeed! God, I love them so much.

  4 Responses to “Mandatory Mother’s Day Post”

  1. From one ovacado eater to another, Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite ‘Burgh bloggers.

  2. You are an incredible mother! I hope your mothers’ day was the best, especially after the stress of the birthday party.

    • Thank you, Kendahl! I spent a large portion of the day laying on the couch, playing games on my phone because my brain just couldn’t handle much more than that!

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