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Whenever things go remotely well for me, I panic and wonder what sort of hellstorm is skulking around behind the shanties, waiting to shower me with hot coal, STDs and Jessica Simpson medleys. So my instinct is to do something nice for other people.

And this is where it could benefit YOU. I’m giving away one of my bathroom plaques ($15 value) to one lucky reader. They’re available in a variety of styles and the choice is all yours. All you have to do is comment here on this entry and make sure you leave a valid email address. The winner will be chosen at random using

holyshitter  theloo2  crapper                                  craporium4

The winner gets one custom plaque, in the style of their choosing (boy/girl or little monster guy) and any background color.

The choices for the title are:

  • poo parlor
  • craporium
  • crapper
  • the loo
  • the john
  • holy shitter
  • chamber pot
  • privy
  • commode
  • toilette
  • the can
  • your own endearing custom title

Commenting is open right now and ends Friday  3/27  at noon EST.

(For people reading this via a feed, CLICK HERE TO ENTER.)

  61 Responses to “give ur bathroom some luv”

  1. ME! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. the loo!

    i love contests!

  3. I like craporium best! :)

  4. These are all amazing, but I have to say, the Holy Shitter plaque is utterly fantastic!

  5. I <3 the holy shitter plaque. :]
    It’s by far the best.

  6. If your plaques were boogers,I wouldn’t know which one to pick. But if they were Free boogers, and I felt I wanted a booger, I would pick…….Craporium.I shit you not.

  7. crapper is my favorite because he looks like he likes to hug

  8. I like The Loo with the guy from Crapper. =D


    putmeontheair at yahoo dot com

  10. I vow to hang the one I win on the AIG sign in NYC.

  11. I’m good at these contests, hook me up Holy Shitter here I come!!!

  12. Ooooh! I love the bathroom plaques!

  13. *puppy dog eyes*

  14. Thanks for showing me the light! :)

  15. These are awesome!

    April´s last blog post..Too cute for a cut….

  16. maybe i’ll win this time. :)

  17. howdy!! I love crapper and craporium.

  18. YES

  19. i want to win so bad.
    these are so cute but I’m so unemployed, well, laid off and can’t buy one!

  20. Just when I think Ive seen it all…..she comes out with the Regal HOLY CRAPPER. Can it get any better???? Im hanging that sucker up at the nursery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’ll bite =)

  22. how can i pass this up?

  23. I think i like holy shitter the best but can you make it with a black jesus…and in felt??

  24. o online contests to win stuff to hang in or near my pooping room, how I love you so…….

    french panic´s last blog post..49 days later.

  25. I love The Loo, for my bathroom.

  26. i want to win… but know i won’t!

    in person these are even more awesome.

  27. awesome! The Loo plaque is adorable! This would be perfect for the bathroom in my new place :)

    Noriko´s last blog post..Heart with wings pendant

  28. I’d love one!!

  29. So cute!

    I might have to get one anyways when we get out new place :D


  30. I just wanted to say how awesome you are for even having a loo series.

  31. Oh, pick me!

    I need one either way, so even if I don’t win I’ll be the proud owner of one soon :)

  32. Gimmehs! ;)

  33. This is more than awesome. Love the craporium little dude! Had to enter!

  34. I have to say the Holy Shitter is by far the best!!! I actually did purchase that one, but I would LOVEEEEE another. I mean you can never have enought Holy Shitters can you…!!??

  35. I have wanted one of these for a while now! Awesome! Hope I win! :D


  36. OMG I found you on Etsy the other day and I must of hearted your entire store!!!

    I especially LOVE the holy Shitter, but the Crapper is mighty cute as well!

    SacredFlesh´s last blog post..New New New

  37. Aw, I wanna win!

  38. Craporium is the cutest and funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I love him!!

    Heidi´s last blog post..Carried Away: The Etsy Bag Makers Team: THE BIG BAG OF LUCK GIVEAWAY

  39. contests & poop
    would it help if I told you I feel in an outhouse as a child?

    Tiffany´s last blog post..Metal Mushroom Garden Art – Blue

  40. Wow cool!
    I would love one of those I have a nice empty wall in my bathroom that needs filling lol.

  41. Cool! Count me in please!

  42. these are hilarious. love the loo. simple. and my 3 year old can pronounce it.

    and. this is one of the few she can say freely without getting a big ol’ scolding.

    thanks for the giveaway.

    wendiwinn on etsy.

    wendiwinn´s last blog post..key fob

  43. I love your bathroom plaques!

    They are too funny! would love one:)

    Great Giveaway,
    Marie Isabella

  44. Oh, I want one for my (hopefully) new house!!

    The Jesus, of course.

    Laurenski´s last blog post..Sterling Silver Plated Necklace

  45. Those are FANTASTIC plaques!! I love them!

  46. this makes me pee in my pants. i like water closet cause i’ve been teaching Big Kid to be polite all these years so, shit, we gotta be polite.

    Leila´s last blog post..forget mp3s, the world still listens to cassettes

  47. Ok, you got my interest…this is a great contest you have going. Your shop is in my top 5 faves so of course I would LUV one of your bathroom plaques. I’ll have to think about which one is my fav.

  48. Please pick me!!!!!

  49. These are awesome!!! I would love to have one for my birthday…hint, hint!

  50. is it gluttonous of me to want one even though I already have one? nope.

    can’t get enough of the pooperific plaque action!

    Maybe, if i win, i’ll request the holy shitter one, and give it to the asshole priest who married us, and told james that it would be ok if he cheated on me, as long as he was drunk when he did it.

    happy friday!

    p.s. to make this comment longer, just wanted to let you know i wrote a blog review of your shop. not to be a creep or anything.

    Ally´s last blog post..Etsy Finds: Somnambulant Art

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