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My brain needs to reset itself so here, have a filler post.  There are also no pictures of Henry in this one, because as he said earlier, “Haven’t you word-raped me enough over the last two days?” TOUCHÉ, MOTHERFUCKER. 20140625-132552.jpg

Honestly was about to scratch a Will on my leg with a paint chip from this sad, downtrodden Paratrooper—it was such a janky ride! On one hand, I was like, “At least if we’re flung from this shoddy piece of mechanics, we have a 50/50 chance of hitting the lake and surviving” and then on the other hand I was like, “EW I DON’T WANT TO TOUCH THAT GROSS WATER!”

I’ve only ridden on one set of Paratroopers more run down looking than this one, and that was at the Washington County Fair.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way, Indiana Beach. Just pretend like each umbrella is one of Tammy Faye Bakker’s eyelids. Go wild!


Faces of Paratrooper survivors.


That guy has what we call 1950s Indiana Swag.


I love the Tilt-a-Whirl so much but not on days where elves are spooning viscous scoops of oil from my facial pores to use as liliputian love-stick lubricant. Let me spell it out for it: IT WAS HOT AND HUMID. I can’t ride spinny rides when I’m in the throes of heat stroke. But Chooch rode this three times in a row. God, good for you, Chooch. Why don’t you just write a song about it on your dumb keyboard, ugh.


Obligatory ice cream cone shot. Can I get any more predictable.


Seriously, these guys. I was obsessed. Also note: this was pretty much how crowded it was all day until late afternoon when the water park mysteriously closed down and a horde of Indiana’s finest invaded the park like beached whales.

Pale, so pale, very pale beached whales.


This is not where I got my ice cream.

I haven’t even finished writing about this park yet and I’m already trying to con Henry into taking us to another one. I’M NEVER SATISFIED. Just ask the doves when they cry.

  9 Responses to “Indiana Beach, Part 2: Photo Interlude, Now with Less Than 400 Words”

  1. These photos are so pretty! Makes me want to go to a fair ASAP.

  2. Have you been to Cedar point in Ohio? It’s on an island!!! Oh and I love the word janky, I use it a lot :)

    • I have been to Cedar Point, but not since 1998! I need to rectify that real soon. It’s only about a 2 hour drive from here!

      • Ahem… You know someone going to Cedar Point later this summer. Wanna tag along?

        • Do you know when you guys are going? We might be able to do that!

          • Right now our plans are “later this summer”. I know we want to take a long weekend because I bought a Groupon for some safari park in Sandusky, and Delia is crazy about going to the beach so we have to spend a day at Lake Erie.

            There are some cabins we stayed at before that were OK. They had playgrounds and a big pen of rabbits you can pet. Plus, our cabin had a smear of red on the floor like somebody dragged a body through it. But it was communal bathrooms, so pros and cons.

            We might go back to the carousel museum too. That’s the place where I took that picture of the old Kennywood news article! There is an ancient, rickety carousel inside. It has a lead pony, which is a HUGE deal to carousel enthusiast. I was pregnant with Kira so I let Delia have my token to ride twice since I feared puking.

            You guys don’t have to do all that stuff though.

  3. I always love your fair posts but hate them at the same time because I can never get to as many as I’d like and it reminds me of that fact.

  4. The Tilt-a-Whirl shot!! So awesome! And I can’t stop laughing at the Prince reference now. Oh gawd.

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