Aug 172014

My joke painting of Tony Stewart was so fun to do that I couldn’t stop. At the request of my lovely friend Octavia, I made her a Tom Waits:


For my friend Gina’s birthday, I made her a Jenny Lewis:


And I really wanted to show my friend Kristy how much I appreciate her (she’s been getting me out of the house for some adventures lately!), so I was going to make her a Jenny Lewis too, but then I decided to make her a George Romero instead, because she is the biggest zombie aficionado I have ever known! I gave this to her last night at a zombie luau and her reaction was the best!

Art therapy, my friends. Art therapy. (Even though Glenn referred to my art as “paint by numbers.” REAL COOL, GLENN. I think he’s just trying to downplay his awe and admiration so that when the Tony Stewart painting goes missing, I won’t suspect him.)

I don’t anticipate my manic energy/insomnia to dissipate anytime soon so I’m sure this week will produce more fake art.

  3 Responses to “Erin’s Paint-By-Numbers”

  1. Okay, I need something for my birthday. I’ll text you.

  2. Jenny Lewis! Amazing! George fits perfectly in this spot on my Night of the Living Dead wall. I’ve searched for YEARS to find something awesome enough to hang there. It was meant to be! Thank you again!

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