Sep 042014

Over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to do a Twin Peaks-inspired series of portraits because I love that damn show so much. So I put Season 1 on Netflix and started with the Log Lady, because why not.

By Tuesday night, Agent Dale Cooper, Dead Laura Palmer and Dr. Jacoby had joined her…and then quickly left her. They were all sold yesterday!


(The Log Lady is still available, if anyone is interested!)

Last night, while Henry yelled at Pretty Little Liars (that show gets him so riled up!), I started on The Man From Another Place. It still needs a lot of touching up, which I’ll get to tonight, but here he is anyway:


There’s several more I want to add, but what kind of series would you want to see next? TELL ME. I’ve been thinking about vending at a local horror convention next winter and I need to build up my inventory, and quick! I’ll be selling my serial killer cards there, but I’d like to have some of my art on hand, as well.

(Hopefully I can also build up my social skills.)

  11 Responses to “Twin Peaks: A Somnambulant Series”

  1. The Walking Dead (make sure you write CARL! over top of his), Breaking Bad, X files (must add Tooms), Hemlock Grove, Hannibal, Clarice and Buffalo Bill (and a painting of lotion in a basket)…you have so much talent!

  2. Omfg A Silence of the lambs series would be so awesome. Maybe a Neil Gaiman Mirrormask collection?

  3. These are incredible. I have never seen Twin Peaks but I can recognize all of these actors which is super impressive! Probably not exactly your speed, but if you did the Golden Girls I would buy all four in a heartbeat.

  4. If I’m not scheduled at a show, maybe I could help sell?

  5. The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Freddy/Jason/Michael Myers/whatever other creepy guy, Dexter

    • OMG, I, who has every single episode memorized, cannot believe I didn’t think of Buffy or Angel…I’m a bad person…Sam, Dean, and Castiel from Supernatural would make some nummy paintings


    Your paintings are amazing, really. If you did the Labyrinth I’d pee my pants. I want one of Ludo.

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